Friday, December 19, 2008

1st Commissioned Work

I made this for a friend (at a price) to give his wife for Christmas. I used the Diagonal Lace Scarf pattern and added a squared design to the beginning and end of the scarf. I do hope his wife likes it. It was the first project I used the lace blocking wires on. They are awesome. I need to make a blocking station next.

As to the price I charged, I think we all know there is no way I would get back the hours in any monetary amount. I basically doubled the the yarn cost. I'm so cheap.

Mom's Scarf

Not the best picture. This was made using the Falling Water Lace Scarf pattern. I just skipped one of the repeats. I had only bought one ball of yarn (it was a little pricey.) Mom liked it and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dem's my Feets

Ohhhhhh, Me so happy!!!!
Comfy and frank-o-licious!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Frankitchstein Pics

I decided to do a 2x2 ribbing for the sock, which continues across the top of the foot.

The Kitchener stitch looks great.

There is a Frankenstein-ish resemblance here and the fit is great.

Here's the Top-Down portion of the second sock. I used a blue yarn to keep these stitches on until I'm ready with the Toe-Up portion.

This is a 60 stitch sock for my Flintstone (Fred) type feet. I used 50% of the stitches to start the heel and did the wrap and turn like in the videos mentioned in the last post. I left 10 stitches unwrapped and knitted across the wraps to the end and purled back to and across the wraps. This leaves a plain edge for the Kitchener stitch.

Here's the square toe. I CO 15 stitches, the Garter stitched the square until I could pick up 15 stitches on each side. Then, I knit completely around this square and started the 2x2 Ribbing on half the stitches (top of foot) and Stockinette for the other half (bottom of foot).

I should finish the pair tonight or tomorrow.

I'll post a pic of them on my feet soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Frankitchstein Socks

Frankitchstein : a mix of Frankenstein and Kitchener

New Idea:
I like the Cat Bordhi Coriolis Sock toe style (see the Begin with the toe:) as seen on Knitty Gritty. So this means toe-up socks.
I also like the way a top-down sock makes a nice and flexible top.
I have a problem with short row heels. I have come to an agreement with short rows thanks to some Cat Bordhi videos (Part1 & Part 2).
So I will knit top-down to the heel and do a short row like in the videos and set that to the side. Then, I will knit toe-up starting with the toe in the Coriolis Sock, knit to the heel, and and do a short row like in the videos. This should leave to halves of a sock that can be joined together through the heel and the around the top of the foot with a Kitchener stitch.

The whole idea of stitching together to different parts to make a whole sock reminds me of the Frankenstein monster (this comes from a friend of mine).

Frankitchstein Socks is what they will be called and
I will post the pics soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cowboy - from Alan Dart

The Cowboy is done!
This was such a fun toy to knit.
The flat knitting and sewing edges was not so fun (I like to knit in the round). But He came out nice.
This was a gift to my mom and she is very happy.

Here's a closeup. I had to change the make up of the hands. I just couldn't get the pattern's hands to look right. You just gotta do what you like. His hands look a little more like gloves than hands, but that's fine (He just doesn't like calloused hands - gotta keep 'em soft for the ladies!)

The gun turned out great. I'll have to find a better glue than the Elmer's White School Glue. The nozzle is a small straw covered in glue and wrapped with yarn. I don't want to discolor the yarn and I felt safe with that. Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Fox Pattern:
Needles: US#6 and US#2
MC = Red
OC = White

Starting with US#6 and MC
CO 6 stiches and join in the round
(K1 M1 K2) 2x
K 1 Row
(K1 M1 K1) 4x
K1 Row
Repeat last two rows until you have 38 stitches
K 10 Rows
K[16] K2tog K2 K2tog K[16]
K 1 Row
Repeat last two rows decreasing numbers in [ ] by 1
each Row until you have 26 stitches
K 1 Row
K11 M1 K4 M1 K11
K 4 Rows
(K1 K2tog K8 K2tog K1) 2x
K 1 Row
(K1 K2tog K6 K2tog K1) 2x
K 1 Row
K5 (K2tog) 2x K2 (K2tog) 2x K5
K 1 Row
K3 (K2tog) 2x K2 (K2tog) 2x K3
K 2 Rows
(K2 M1 K3 M1 K1) 2x
(K2 M1 K5 M1 K1) 2x
K 4 Rows
(K2tog) 2x K12 (K2tog) 2x
(K2tog) 2x K8 (K2tog) 2x
K 1 Row
Stuff the body with cotton
Break off MC and join in OC
K2 Rows
(K1 K2tog K2tog K) x2
Break off OC
Using a darning needle, run remaining thread thru loops and tie off

Front Legs:
Starting with US#2 and OC
CO 6 stiches and join in the round
K 7 Rows
Break off OC and join in MC
K 2 Rows
(K1 M1 K1) 3x
K 10 Rows
(K1 M1 K1 M1 K1) 3x ***
K 12 Rows
BO and stuff the legs with cotton (these will need to be firm)

Back Legs:
Knit like Front Legs to ***
K 3 Rows
(K2 M1 K2 M1 K1) 3x
K 10 Rows
BO and stuff the legs with cotton (these will need to be firm)

Starting with US#2 and MC
CO 9 stitches and join in the round
K 3 Rows
(K2 M1 K1) 3x
K 2 Rows
(K2 M1 K2 M1) 3x
K 13 Rows
(K3 M1 K3 M1) 3x
K 3 Rows
Break off MC and join in OC
K 3 Rows
(K1 K2tog K1) 6x
K 1 Row
(K1 K2 tog) 6x
K 1 Row
(K2tog) 6x
K1 Row
BO and stuff with cotton.

Starting with US#2 and MC
CO 7 stitches
Starting with a Knit Row in Stockinette, K 5 Rows
P2tog P3 P2tog
K 1 Row
P2tog P1 P2tog
K1 row
Break off MC
Using a darning needle, run remaining thread thru loops and tie off

With US#2 and OC
CO 5 stitches
Starting with a Knit Row in Stockinette, K 4 Rows
K2tog K1 K2tog
P 1 Row
Break off OC
Using a darning needle, run remaining thread thru loops and tie off

Place WS together and sew along outer edge in MC

To Finish:
Sew the legs, tail and ears where you think they should be using MC

Using Black yarn make the eyes, nose, and mouth.

I used Black yarn to make the
Pads and Claws for the feet.

Also I used OC and stitched over
the existing stitches on the chest
to give the fox some chest hair.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Went to WWKIP in Mooresville, NC. I had a great time meeting some new people and a LYS that will mail to me. My main shop in Concord had to close so I was on the lookout to find a new one.
Some one at that meeting suggested that I add forum to ravelry for a local Knitting Group. So I'll look into it.