Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Face...

When you go to Starbucks and have something in a bag, a special something for someone, you think, "This is a great thing. I'm going to give something to someone. I must be special. All the time I spent making this special something special, just so I can make someone happy. All the worry over will this work? ... or maybe this?... or that?" Then the moment arrives and that special someone comes in and sees that special something and ...
you receive a gift so much more special than that which was given. A spontaneous gift... so much better than the worry and the hope that what I made will make someone happy. The smile that takes over a face and is given to you as a thank you ... there is no gift better. I received this (See Picture) and that is awesome!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Sock, a Bear, and a Note...

After many weeks I have finally finished another pair of socks for myself. The pattern can be found here: hedgerow socks as a pdf. I adjusted the pattern by adding the Fleegle Heel, which is an easy heel. I like to sock, but I hope it shrinks a little in the wash. I made it a little loose. (Gauge gets you every time!)

I was asked to make a bear for a awesome little girl I have met at my knitting group. The bear pattern: Harry Bear Pattern is an awesome pattern. I added a lot of embellishments, because I think it makes the bear look great. It turned out way better than I expected. I will be giving it to her tonight.
The eyes are something I came up with. I made seven stitches around where the eyes should be then, stitched from the corners of those seven to the center of the eye. It looked like a wagon wheel with seven spokes. Then, I weaved yarn from the center out (over and under the spokes). You have to have a odd number of spokes or the weave doesn't happen . Then, I tied a french knot for the pupil and added a highlight with some white.

Dear Mr. Tommy,
Thank you for making my mouse with the sack of berries. I have a lot of fun with it. All the mice and the fox are in my bedroom on my windowsill. Some of my friends have said they would like mice of their own. We have all played with the mice and loved it! I've never had stuffed animals like these before. They are the best! I think you are the best friend anybody could have in the world. I love you, Savannah

Don't that just beat all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Please let this be the last mouse...

I have hopes. I have dreams. I want this to be the last mouse. I love making toys for the kids I know, but I like to learn new things. The kids see one toy and they all have to have the same thing, but with different colors. And I've noticed that they are keeping count on who has the latest and who has the most. I havn't been keeping track... I'm sure I'm in trouble somewhere with someone.

The little girl that got this one was very happy. I'm working on a bear right now with a blue dress. She looks great so far. So come back soon for the video.