Friday, July 30, 2010

Creating Yoda

This project will be an actual size replica of Yoda from the Clone Wars cartoon.

I decided to start with the hand to judge size and see if I should start this project at all. There is no pattern. I'm just taking it one part at a time. I like the knuckles. I added a purl row on the outside to show the bend.

This is the foam fore the inside of the head. I make puppets so this wasn't a hard part. Just some contact cement and some foam. The problem with contact cement: Don't buy the plastic container of it and leave it in the car (on its side and in the summer) to see a movie, before you go home. The cement will expand, seep out and pool on the back seat of your car. Not only does this raise the blood pressure, but the smell doesn't leave the car for a few days. Like driving under the influence is bad enough...

A few weeks go by and ... viola! A great start. Very happy with the eyes. Under each feature in the face are layers of foam. This is starting to look like the intended ... what is Yoda? According to Wikipedia: "Unknown Species". I would list him as a frankozian. ;)

After adding the brow and nose, I feel the force. This is turning out way better than I expected. Stay tuned for the rest of the adventure....