Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Continuing Yoda

Been trying to find time to work on the Yoda from the Clone Wars cartoon.

I finally got the ears on. I have to say they turned out great! I knit a triangle with a flat side (called a right triangle by those with smarts.) Then I rolled each edge over tightly rolled foam and stitched them down. Added a bump in front of where the ear canal should be. 'Really' smart people call the bump the tragus. {I had to look it up. Me not that smart.} Cool name -- TRAGUS!

This is the long row of triangles that form the hair. I had to do a few trials to find a procedure that worked right. The final was:
CO 10
** Turn K10
Turn K10, CO 6
Turn K16
Turn K16, CO 3
Turn BO 3, K16
Turn K16
Turn BO6, K10
Turn K10
Turn BO 8, K2
Turn K2, CO 8
Repeat from ** Until nap-time...
Make smaller ones on the end. Use your best judgment. I did...

I stitched on the hair and realized I'd seen this somewhere else. Not just the movies or the cartoon, but somewhere closer.

Yoda has my hair line. He's such a lucky guy!!!! I'm just glad I don't have ears like his. It'd be hard getting in the car...
I have the arms done and part of the shirt, but I'll save that for next time.