Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Frankitchstein Pics

I decided to do a 2x2 ribbing for the sock, which continues across the top of the foot.

The Kitchener stitch looks great.

There is a Frankenstein-ish resemblance here and the fit is great.

Here's the Top-Down portion of the second sock. I used a blue yarn to keep these stitches on until I'm ready with the Toe-Up portion.

This is a 60 stitch sock for my Flintstone (Fred) type feet. I used 50% of the stitches to start the heel and did the wrap and turn like in the videos mentioned in the last post. I left 10 stitches unwrapped and knitted across the wraps to the end and purled back to and across the wraps. This leaves a plain edge for the Kitchener stitch.

Here's the square toe. I CO 15 stitches, the Garter stitched the square until I could pick up 15 stitches on each side. Then, I knit completely around this square and started the 2x2 Ribbing on half the stitches (top of foot) and Stockinette for the other half (bottom of foot).

I should finish the pair tonight or tomorrow.

I'll post a pic of them on my feet soon.

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