Monday, June 29, 2009

A Spider For My Brother

I'm not sure why he wanted it, but I'm always up to a challenge. You can't see it clearly in the photo: there's a heart on the Black Widows back instead of the usual hourglass. It was a final change that I jokingly suggested and he said it would be cool and different.
I put pipe cleaners in the legs to give them the ability to pose And the eyes are beads I sewed in with standard thread. I warned my brother that this wasn't a kids toy (may cause choking hazard.)
The picture was taken by my cell phone and edited with picnik. Its a free photo editing site one of my youth kids told me about. I like it.


DW2 said...

Ok...I think that is even better than the "deadliest crab" in the newest Knitty. You so ROCK!

David said...

Hi,I'm the brother!!David...I love this spider!I have made a white spider web for my new pet and put her on my bedroom wall.The heart sets it off!Thanks Tommy, I'll keep it always!!!!!